Walk with Cavallo

It is probably one of the most common yet deceiving terms in the otherwise highly-regulated fashion world. Almost any leather piece contains some kind of description; most often “genuine leather” made in Italy, If you are like most consumers you are not too familiar with the established fashion jargon, especially if you are not a native English speaker. So, when you read the words Italian “genuine leather” you will probably get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and generally feel good about the quality of the leather product of your desire. Yet, sometimes this good feeling might be misplaced.



How easy is this?! If you can’t tell, light blue is one of my favorite colors with Italian genuine leather. I feel like blue is a power color, and primary shades are the most flattering to all of us. Find the one that works that hard for all of you, and it will make getting ready for last minute plans super easy!



The highest quality of Italian leather hand made, to enhance your comfort and durability of all our products.